Development Appraisals

What is a Development Appraisal?

A development appraisal is a tool used for assessing either development profit or land value for a development by using the following formula;

Development Income - Development Costs - Land Value = Development Profit

or to find the development land value;

Development Income - Development Costs - Development Profit = Residual Land Value

At Pointe Michel, I am able to look at all the costs for a property development including finance costs, statutory costs, professional fees and build costs to create an accurate picture of your development. This will then be fed into a bespoke development appraisal model. Giving you the confidence that, from the very beginning, you are buying development land at the right price and avoiding compromising the completion of your development.

Development appraisals start from just £2,500 + VAT. To get a quote for your specific project feel free to contact me.

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